Corporate solutions

We do digital business simulations

Right set of skills for corporate business understanding

Besides communications we, founders of CTIG, understand well what is life of a big corporate business. And that understanding we made our competitive advantage on the rather young gamedev market. 


Alexander Tolkach

Years of experience: 17 Position: Founder & CEO

Initial founder and idea generator for CTIG. Also serves as CEO and GD coordinator. Previously member of the Board and external affairs head in big industrial holdings like DTEK, Mechel (NYSE:MTL), started career as professional diplomat in multinational organizations (NATO, OSCE). Author of Non-market and social-political strategies for largest industry conglomerate in Ukraine. Controlled number of election campaigns.

Boris Firsov

Years of experience: 25 Position: Co-Founder & Strategic scenario advisor

Co-founder of CTIG. Also CEO of Mikhailov & Partners Ukraine (PR & Political consultancy), partner in Russia's largest PR & Political consultancy M&P Russia. Has vast skills in informational, social and political mechanics, supervised big number of elections and reputation-management campaigns. Drafted many political analytical papers to serve as long-term decision making for big business.

Lidiya Sobolenko

Years of experience: 15 Position: COO and Marketing Head

Our COO and core Project manager for BGC. Ex marketing manager for Microsoft. Really in the heart and soul of BGC creation and promotion processes.

Alexander Dankovsky

Position: B2B Scenario Lead

Ex editor in Forbes Ukraine and experienced business journalist overall, joined our team to strengthen the BGC scenario creation potential. Now head of 'investigation' scenario unit, also proved well in business management scenarios. Overall, Alexander's extreme erudition and live mind allowed us to create really challenging plots while maintaining business goals to be reached by our simulations.

Maria Shamota

Position: Scenario Analyst

Experienced business journalist and narration designer. Hired for great skills with texts. Soon became leading scenario analysts of BGC. Proved well while creating HR and Political scenarios for our simulations.

Svetlana Evsyukova

Position: Scenario Analyst

Svetlana joined the team as a Scenario analyst in 2017.

Trained linguist and literary critic, experienced journalist with vivid imagination and curiosity towards different activities. Has spent more than 10 years publishing in glossy magazines and online media. Plays live-action roleplay games (LRPG) and creates scenarios for them as a hobby. Hired for her skills at working with texts and storytelling.

Ivan Magazinnikov

Position: Scenario Analyst and GD

Ivan was the only 'true' game designer hired in the team - and we knew how we risked by taking in actual representative of restless GameDev community. But risk paid off and his knowledge and skills in game design helped us to improve overall user experience in our simulations. Also, Ivan turned out to be rather business oriented to become solid part of the team.

Irina Chernenko

Position: Automatization head and content operator

Automatization operator in content processes, mechanic behind our framework improvements. Used to be experienced QA, now – source of our time and cost savings as well as internal content management controll.

Sergiy Podrezov

Position: Content Automation & QA Operator

Sergiy's responsibilities include game content operation, development and maintenance of test documentation, test analysis, test of requirements and security. Sergiy is an experienced software tester, mobile and web applications tester. In addition, Sergiy translates and localizes game texts.

Sergiy studied game development directly in STIG, he was invited to the team on a tester position. He has 5 years' experience in STB TV-channel as production designer (graphic editor, graphic designer).

Studied at Kyiv International University on specialty «Political scientist & analyst». In addition, he graduated from Computer Academy Shag, «Automation and manual testing». Being a student, he lived for over a year in the US.

Maksim Agapov

Position: Head of Software Development Unit, Chief Architect

Maxim is in the game industry since 2010. He is responsible for technical side of projects development and developers' team management. Colleagues call him «The main blocker of game designers' fantasy».

Earlier Maxim led the technical team, was engaged in planning development, restructuring of the technical processes on technical lead position in Geewa s.r.o (Germany-Czech Republic). He has experience of leading specialist in Social Quantum projects. In addition, Maxim occupied posts of leading developer and/or team lead on Series Pool Live Tour, Dragons Lands, Wild West, My Empire, Megapolis projects.

Agapov is a holder of Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics of the Moscow Aviation Institute.

Anton Kolyadin

Position: BGC Project Developer

Anton develops Business Games Club platform's client-side. He considers BGC is the most important project in his professional activity, since he has been engaged in it almost since the birth of the platform.

Kolyadin has 2 years of development experience in «Megapolis» project in Social Quantum company. In addition, he was applications designer and developer for electronic textbooks in advertising agencies (Slavyansk-on-Kuban) and publishing center «Academy» (Moscow).

He enjoys traveling, biking, motorcycling, photography, participant and organizer of «Fotosushka» events in Moscow and Slavyansk-on-Kuban.

Denis Dovganich

Position: BGC Project Developer

Denis joined CTIG team in 2016. His key objectives are development of Business Games Club functional platform and its projects, animation, social networks integration.

He has five years of experience in development, worked both in large companies and small indie studios. Began his professional activity in Ciklum, has experience on lead game developer and game developer positions in USA Today, Chrysler, Danske Bank projects.

Denis evolves his own games and interesting prototypes.

Yana Petrova

Position: Communications Manager

Responsible for the company's external communications and public relations.

Prior to joining CTIG team headed a function of corporate communications of Vega telecommunications group, was engaged in support of business reputation, public and media relations, integrated communications at UkrAVTO corporation, agricultural holding Agropolis Food Industries, Dniproavia Airlines. Used to work in crisis and turbulent environment with demand for anti-crisis solutions. Started her professional career as a journalist and news editor, an author and a host of own TV projects.

Tatiana Sakharuk

Position: Legal office director

Tatiana's responsibilities include general international legal coverage for CTI, from corporate rights structuring to copyright protection and identification of legal risks across markets of our products.

She worked as an in-house lawyer in the Ukrainian office of the US' biggest private corporation, Cargill. At the moment, Tatiana specializes in structuring business through various jurisdictions, settling partner relations, structuring copyright sales and implementation deals in international law.
She graduated from Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Insitute of Technology (Chicago, Illinois, USA), Taras Shevchenko National University (Kiev, Ukraine), and Kharkov National University of Internal Affairs (Kharkov, Ukraine).

Tatiana is a holder of Ph.D. in legal sciences, L.L.M. degree in international and comparative law and has attorney qualifications.
She participates in a number of international programs in Canada, Spain, Hungary, Latvia, Great Britain and Poland.