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"Our HRs spend huge amount of time just interviewing candidates for commodity type client service positions. If we could see their mindset and behavior before hand - such a filter couls save us a lot of costs."

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Candidates filter - expenses or investment?

Testing commodity positions candidates through simulation – is a working tool for reasonable time-saving of HR-department. Filter optimizes resources of a company, by alloeing recruiters to communicate only with a pool of candidates who have passed the simulation accordingly, demonstrated needed behavioral patterns. So, no more wasting time on background check and meeting those not suitable.

And time, as you know, is money. In the opinion of one our logistics client, candidates filter saves time of the whole HR-function. To find 20 "typical" specialist recruiters had to study up to 1000 CVs and to conduct up to 500 interviews. Now they get a filtered list of applicants and spend up to 70% less time on candidate selection. As a result, only a tenth of all the candidates gets final attention of HR. Time saving allowed to pay off the cost of the project in only 3 months!

Real business elements simulations to test candidates

Basically, it is the simplest of all our tasks. You point out some commodity type position you are hiring for, and we just re-create some part of your daily business with that position (preferrably with a lot of hidden dangers or possible mistakes to be made). Then, as CV arrives, you reply with access code to this simulation. And report from the first try of the candidate hits your HR  with pre-set analysys. If candidate does not fit in your range - you don't spend time further.


Try BGC ApplicationApproach can be tested in BGC App (click the link if reading from mobile device or use QR code ) under simulations like 'Big Stirr in the Embassy' or 'Blackmail at the Mine'. Overall, though being simple, they demonstrates the process and atmosphere of our products. Naturally, in actual corporate simulations we are modelling much more complex worlds with many variable and scenario branches. Actually, ability to manage complex branches is what makes our software rather unique.


... And any kind of statistics

We mean it. While your employees use our simulations, we record all their moves and then we can put it into any kind of analytical data. Be it general spreadsheats on overall personnell behavior, or personal scenario pathways - just name it and we'll provide it. No extra cost.