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"Lidskae Beer" will teach sales managers with CTIG simulation

CT Influence Games team has developed digital training simulation for "Lidskae Beer" company on our signature Business Games Club platform.

Interactive business simulation "Day of sales agent" is intended for sellers and trade agents training. Real cases of "Lidskae Beer" were used in the simulation well-branched scenario. Client's Sales department not only got software for deploying simulation, but also access to real time statistics of errors and behavioral dynamics of trained staff.

"Our main purpose is to provide efficient training tool with good engagement. The second goal is to solve the problem of long-term knowledge continuity in the team. Simulation with the best experience and specific knowledge base is more efficient and cost-effective than infinite training sessions for beginners with live trainers. And it's more realistic to be deployed, considering broad geographical presence of large manufacturer," — tells Alexander Tolkach, CTIG CEO.

"More than 30% of our staff works in sales division of "Lidskae beer" Company. We decided to train sales managers and field agents through digital simulation. Implementing new technologies and innovations into team education process improves sales efficiency. This brings us closer to the goal — to become a brand №1 in Belarus. Also, our team consists of young professionals. We can train them better through innovative IT tools," — said Alyona Avdeenko, "Lidskae Beer" VP for Sales.

Simulation "Day of sales agent" is closed for public access as a property of "Lidskae Beer".

CTIG creates products using its own BGC platform for HR, Change Management, industrial safety, compliance management. Learning simulations for sales agents, goods and services merchants are especially popular today.

"Lidskae Beer"— is one of the oldest breweries in Belarus. The company owned by the Finnish concern Olvi. In addition to the main product — beer — the plant produces kvass of natural fermentation, juice, energy drinks, potable water, lemonade.
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