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Meet the President - may be we have first video-game in the world by the order of MFA

Finally, after long development and even longer process of approval on the state level, we can officially announce release on new simulation case "Stir in the Embassy". This game was prepared by Business Games Club team by the request and in close cooperation with Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.
As per game scenario - you are the Ambassador of Ukraine in one warm and nice country. Let's call it 'Nebuvania'. And you expect a normal working day ahead. But suddenly you are tasked to prepare urgent visit of the President, organize relevant level business forum, deal with crisis around crashed tourist bus and some strange action by Femen activists...
Humor aside, such things do happen, as per Dmitry Kuleba, Ambassador at Large of Ukraine. Being Ambassador means ability to deal with tight crisis situations, make fast decisions, and bear responsibility. This game simulation is not for entertainment - it allows ambassadors and diplomats trained to test necessary skills, train them. And, if needed, game will report to their superiors.
"It will bring completely new element in our diplomat training process. In 21-st century one must adopt training methods of this century. And it is relevant not only for us. Similar skills are needed overall on all managerial positions. So, this game will be interesting to all people, who wish to train skills, allowing them to manage complex processes," - added Kuleba.
Game is available through our client software on Android, iOS and Windows desktop. It will take about 2-4 hours of game time.