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"Put a worker in a role of a manager, responsible for conducting an investigation after the accident with other people happened. And burden him with all the typical obstacles: lying witnesses and responsible site managers, poor maintained equipment, lack of willingness to follow the rules by the subject... Mix in some intrigue and a bit of gloomy humor on top!"

Alexander Tolkach, after mine safety audit

Industrial Safety and Corporate Security 'detective style' investigation (suitable for Compliance management as well)

This rather radically new approach in HSE was tested by making 'detective' story out of real accident. Instead of pressing workers into memorizing rules (they already hated), we made them try themselves as investigators instead.

They had to talk to virtual witnesses and responsible managers, sort out lies and facts, search into equipment maintenance, etc. And in the end to finger point the real cause of the event – and the system either confirms, or sends back to re-do the work. The amount of engagement and empathy to the issue was astonishing, and after memorization was about 70% better than any printed or video materials used before.

Personal experience – path to memorization and empathy

PlatformIn the core of this product is our basic principle, tested numerously through all the existance of all game-like simulations: living through own in-game experience one remembers 80% more information, than reading or seeing advert.

  • At the same time, player is 4-5 times more keen to empathize his character
  • Even routine regulations (like safety and security ones) and rules can be effectively taught through engaging game scenario
  • Player's behavior can be fixed and tested by setting him in intentionally conflict situations
  • 'Detective' style investigation of causes of events – is almost 100% guaranty that they will be understood
  • Through digital simulation you can set up infinite amount of drills for infinite amount of workers for the fraction of cost


So, put them in your shoes

By creating an investigation, you can literally put your workers in your shoes. By trying to investigate an accident, they will:

  • Feel what you feel [of how dificult it is when people not cooperate] and how you see them
  • Understand the upper level of causes of incident
  • Understand the core causes of incident
  • Be able to fingerpoint management mistakes as well (drives engagement and gives ability to get statistics of workers' feelings)
  • Will pass integrated tests on information handling and understanding
  • Will never be the same in some way...

PlatformSmall part of investigation begining can be tested in
BGC App (click the link if reading from mobile device or use QR code below) under 'Conflagration on the Oil platform' simulation. Overall, though being simple, it demonstrates the process and atmosphere of our products. Naturally, in actual corporate simulations we are modelling much more complex worlds with many variable and scenario branches. Actually, ability to manage complex branches is what makes our software rather unique.


... And any kind of statistics

We mean it. While your employees use our simulations, we record all their moves and then we can put it into any kind of analytical data. Be it general spreadsheats on overall personnell behavior, or personal scenario pathways - just name it and we'll provide it. No extra cost.


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