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Employees of Public Relations Development Company began to learn through simulations from Business Games Club platform

A new stage of the corporate educational program was launched at CROS. The team will develop skills of working in complex and crisis situations, using online simulations of the platform Business Games Club. Gurus of PR, IR, GR, digital communicators, strategists and analysts will try on new roles and try to save the reputation of a virtual company in the game. One hundred employees will play simulations "Blackmail on the mine," "Big stir in the embassy", "Oil rig explosion" and the historical case "The first 100 days of Franklin D. Roosevelt".

CTIG co-founder and CEO Alexander Tolkach told about the cases in basis of games: "Despite the fact that all simulations have a real basis, their scenarios are considerably complicated. And there are no right answers and solutions. That is everything, as in life".

CTIG creates products on its own platform Business Games Club on the topics of HR, change management, industrial safety, compliance management, crisis management. CTIG offers ready-made "boxed" solutions for business on the most popular topics. Thanks to "boxed" solutions, business simulations are now more accessible to companies. And new options for online shopping simplify the interaction.

The Public Relations Development Company (CROS) is the leading player in the Russian PR and Public Affairs market. The main activities of the company are strategic consulting, project management in the field of integrated communications, development of media and digital communications, Investor Relations and GR-support.