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"Conflagration on the oil platform". Forget not investigate!

At the 14th International Forum on Industrial Safety in St. Petersburg Business Games Club platform presented a demo of industrial safety simulation-investigation «Conflagration on the oil platform», thus demonstrating radically new tool to enhance both knowledge and engagement of staff in industrial safety and labor protection.

Proposed innovation - investigative format of simulation games – trains interactively industrial safety requirements of the specific company or whole industry. Unlike instructions and even classical training, proposed method allows to interest and engage employees in a process. It causes additional understanding and empathy through own experience of simulated real situations, and let’s feel possible consequences of non-compliance with essential requirements.

Demo simulation is based on the real tragic lethal accident: fire and explosion at the largest oil platform in the North Sea. The task of employee is to act on behalf of investigating representative of the corporate headquarter. It is necessary to dive into a topic and go step by step through the whole chain of events, identifying guilty employees, finding core causes and ways to prevent similar disaster in future.

Business Games Club team believes that employees who managed to investigate a retrospective reality-based incident, will never be the same again. The mission and the key task of our new approach – is to promote the value of occupational safety, to develop a safety culture and to aid forming a new generation of workers for whom occupational safety is a natural part of their lives.

GCE Group holds 14th International Forum on Industrial Safety for cooperation in preventing technogenic disasters. «Our priority goal is to work together to create an effective safety industry, - commented President of the group of companies GCE Alexander Moskalenko, - Educational simulations proposed by Business Games Club can be a qualitative addition in staff training and involvement in labor protection. It allows to draw lessons from accidents occurred in industrial enterprises in real life».

New «investigations» product line is also suitable for strengthening corporate security and compliance management areas, complementing existing range of HR area simulations for change management, education, adaptation and staff selection.

BGC application with demo of «Conflagration on the oil platform» is available for testing on iOS/Android phones and tablets -