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Change Management

"By making workers live through some crisis experience, though virtually, we managed to explain them why changes in their long accepted work style are needed. Great shake up and great embracement of new rules and reality."

MFA of Ukraine, when discussing 'Ambassador' project

Living through new experience or existing problems to embrace changes

The idea is simple. If company already introduced changes (like new structure, new business approach or M&A) abd wishes employees to understand it: we simply create scenario of their new life and tsaks within those changes. So they try it virtually first, without to much of a hussle in real life.

More interesting, if you need them to embrace difficult change they might not like. 

For this task we recommend re-creating... your own path. Yes, we want employees to live through part of your life before changes where decided upon. To go through your doubts, trials and errors, discussions and consultants, And, in the end, to come to the same conclusion. 

Also, for C-Suite brave enough - we recommend another tool - to feel what your team actually feels. Read here.

Personal experience – path to memorization and empathy

MineIn the core of this product is our basic principle, tested numerously through all the existance of all game-like simulations: living through own in-game experience one remembers 80% more information, than reading or seeing advert.

  • At the same time, player is 4-5 times more keen to empathize his character
  • Even routine regulations (like safety and security ones) and rules can be effectively taught through engaging game scenario
  • Player's behavior can be fixed and tested by setting him in intentionally conflict situations
  • 'Detective' style investigation  – is almost 100% guaranty that they will be understood
  • Through digital simulation you can set up infinite amount of drills for infinite amount of workers for the fraction of cost


So, put them in your shoes

By creating a simulation, you can literally put your workers in your shoes. They will:

  • Feel what you feel [of how dificult it is when people not cooperate] and how you see them
  • Be able to fingerpoint management mistakes as well (drives engagement and gives ability to get statistics of workers' feelings)
  • Come to same conclusions of why changes are needed and what kind of them
  • Will pass integrated tests on information handling and understanding
  • Will never be the same in some way...

Try BGC ApplicationApproach can be tested in 
BGC App (click the link if reading from mobile device or use QR code ) under simulations like 'Big Stirr in the Embassy' or 'Blackmail at the Mine'. Overall, though being simple, they demonstrates the process and atmosphere of our products. Naturally, in actual corporate simulations we are modelling much more complex worlds with many variable and scenario branches. Actually, ability to manage complex branches is what makes our software rather unique.


... And any kind of statistics

We mean it. While your employees use our simulations, we record all their moves and then we can put it into any kind of analytical data. Be it general spreadsheats on overall personnell behavior, or personal scenario pathways - just name it and we'll provide it. No extra cost.