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Business Games Club has completed a comprehensive platform UX/UI redesign

The developer and operator of business simulations and games for thinking audience CT Influence Games has updated Business Games Club platform and relevant applications. The team has radically changed design, interface, architecture and functional of our signature behavioral simulations. We strive to provide users more advanced and intuitive product and improve overall user experience.

Exterior of games became modern, minimalistic and somewhat futuristic, but they are enriched functionally: group election of reactions during actions filling is available now. As well as more elegant mechanics of plot branches as well as feedback window on what is happening in the world. New rich multimedia options are now available for embedding.

Option "notepad" is introduced in within gameplay now, allowing to note important pieces of information and go back to them if necessary. It is especially useful when training on information rich cases, such as investigations or a job interview training. Dialogs have more traditional design now in the style of modern messengers, allowing faster understanding of conversations.

"To be closer to our customers, we have been collecting feedback for eight months and redeveloped our product from scratch, – says CTIG CEO Alexander Tolkach. – After the redesign, many things are much clearer and easier. For example, adding the possibility of multiple-choice, which simplifies the player's life in many cases. Instead of several actions and steps back, for example, one can see a list of staff and choose three of them to be sent on a business trip. "Notepad" option is critical for complex scenes, earlier player really had to do pen note on paper taking during the game. We had to change the architecture of the platform seriously, but I believe the result will please both our corporate clients and mobile stores users".