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We do digital business simulations

  • for Change Management and Corporate Education
  • for HSE/OSH and CorpSec training
  • for HR assistance
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Change Management

Walk your employees through the new organization structure to help them feel and understand it. If they are tough to embrace the proposed change - let them virtually live through your path - and come to same ideas themselves to sympathize the change. Also - unique tool for C-Suite as well.

Recruitment Assistance

We create simulations, allowing you to filter out candidates for different positions by judging their hard/soft skills in automated workflow setup.

Staff Training and Drilling

Our simulations can increase overall training results in the corporate education structure or let you effortlessly conduct any amount of 'drills' or 'dry runs'

HSE / OSH / CorpSec and Compliance

Most difficult areas of behavioral management. We have created own approach to it: let your employees 'investigate' into simulated incidents, and thus engage and understand the causes and consequences; embrace the rules and regulations; feel being in your shoes and gain some empathy to your job (rare thing, isn't it?)

For corporate clients
We make business and behavioral training and testing easy + fun + efficient

Our staff consists of seasoned business professionals, experienced analysts and scenarists (most are ex-business journalists). We are NOT a typical gamedev team. We are - business created for business.

Users about
"Business Games Club"
Lidskaye Beer company has ambisious goal - to become No.1 brand in Belarus. And that largely depends on how sales team performs. Big step in that direction - to use digital simulations for sales team training. Besides, we have a lot of young people on the team - and they like going digital. I beleive in the power of Business Games Club simulations, and I'm overall really happy with our project!
Alena Avdeenko,
Sales Director, Lidskaye Beer
Alena Avdeenko,
Users about
"Business Games Club"
Quality and efficiency of the BGC team, they demonstrated while working on our HR filter simulation, makes them recommended to all businesses who want to introduce and develop new technologies in their work.
Sergey Kapustin,
CEO, STA Logistik
Sergey Kapustin,
Users about
"Business Games Club"
I think this is a perspective project. First I reacted with doubt. But after testing, it is clear, that this is simulation of really possible business situations and players can understand their professional weaknesses. You can get virtual risks instead of the real ones and pay for that only virtually negative result
Evgeniya Rudenko,
CEO, "Stream Ukraine"
Evgeniya Rudenko,
Users about
"Business Games Club"
The Embassy Crysis game will bring a fundamentally new elements in the diplomat's training system. It's time to learn, in the 21st century, considering the new standards. And it concerns not only MFA staff. Good diplomacy means excellent management. That's why the game will be interesting for everyone who plans to manage the high level processes.
Dmytro Kuleba,
Ambassador-at-Large, MFA of Ukraine
Dmytro Kuleba,


Employees of Public Relations Development Company began to learn through simulations from Business Games Club platform

A new stage of the corporate educational program was launched at CROS. One hundred employees will play simulations "Blackmail on the mine," "Big stir in the embassy", "Oil rig explosion" and the historical case "The first 100 days of Franklin D. Roosevelt".

CTIG Starts the Sale of Ready-Made "Box" Solutions for Business

CTIG offers companies the option of purchasing complete training simulations. Boxed simulations with the best practices, and experience of professionals are cheaper than individual simulations. But, they retain the high-quality standards and customer support.

Business Solutions from CTIG – online and wholesale

Developer and electronic business games operator CT Influence Games (CTIG), has implemented a functionality for the wholesale purchase of realistic simulations for corporate training. Business simulations of BGC platform are available to order wholesale, and online to ease the creation of solid corporate digital training programs. You can make group corporate gifts through the new functionality of BGC as well.

"Lidskae Beer" will teach sales managers with CTIG simulation

CT Influence Games team has developed digital training simulation for "Lidskae Beer" company on our signature Business Games Club platform. Interactive business simulation "Day of sales agent" is intended for sellers and trade agents training. Real cases of "Lidskae Beer" were used in the simulation well-branched scenario. Client’s Sales department not only got software for deploying simulation, but also access to real time statistics of errors and behavioral dynamics of trained staff.

Business Games Club has completed a comprehensive platform UX/UI redesign

Exterior of games became modern, minimalistic but enriched functionally: multiple choice of reactions is available now. As well as more elegant mechanics of plot branches and feedback window on what is happening in the world. Option "notepad" is introduced in within gameplay now, allowing to note important pieces of information and go back to them if necessary. Dialogs have more traditional design now in the style of modern messengers, allowing faster understanding of conversations.

Business Games Club Simulations are in the top three training tools as rated by DTEK Academy

Head of Business Games Club scenario block Alexander Dankovskiy obtained DTEK Academy accreditation and took third place in the list of the best coaches in the project.

CTIG presented instruments of employees’ training and behavioral patterns change in Almaty, Minsk and Odessa

Developer and operator of simulations for corporate sector CT Influence Games (CTIG) actively started business season. In early October, the company's CEO Alexander Tolkach presented usage cases of corporate digital simulations at the Kazakhstan International Exhibition and Conference KIOGE 2016 "Oil and Gas".

Metinvest will use simulations of CT Influence Games in industrial safety training of employees

The aim of the joint project of CTIG and Metinvest is industrial safety and labor protection efficiency increasing as one of strategy priorities of the metallurgical giant. Simulations-investigations of CTIG will contribute to further engagement of staff in finding and eliminating the core causes of incidents, understanding of rules and regulations, policies and procedures. Virtual "detective" investigation of real causes is almost 100% guarantee of understanding and memorization.

"Conflagration on the oil platform". Forget not investigate!

The simulation-investigation «Conflagration on the oil platform» - is radically new tool to enhance both knowledge and engagement of staff in industrial safety and labor protection.

Meet the President - may be we have first video-game in the world by the order of MFA

This game was prepared by Business Games Club team by the request and in close cooperation with Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. As per game scenario - you are the Ambassador of Ukraine in one warm and nice country. Let's call it 'Nebuvania'. And you expect a normal working day ahead. But suddenly you are tasked to prepare urgent visit of the President, organize relevant level business forum, deal with crisis around crashed tourist bus and some strange action by Femen activists...